Client Case Study:

Specialty Apparel Merchant

Link2Me Solution:

Primary Connections


With a limited universe of easily identifiable consumers who fit the profile of this "preppy" brand, the goal is to expand the universe of viable prospects.


Identify those within the sphere of influence of current customers who have likely been exposed to the brand and are predisposed to be receptive to promotional messages. Utilizing Link2Me Primary Connections, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors were appended to existing best customers. These new prospects were included in the brand's direct mail campaign.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Number of new prospects identified
  • Response to mail campaign
  • Order value


The results far exceeded the marketer's expectations:

  • Linking the current customer file to their connections through Link2Me Primary Connections greatly expanded the prospect universe. The appended connections yielded a universe 7 times the input file.
  • The resulting Connections responded on par with tried-and-true outside lists.
  • Average order value indexed at 150!


Link2Me Primary Connections provides a unique opportunity to build viable new prospect universes from existing customer data. Primary Connections can be used in addition to social media programs and is a perfect complement to traditional referral and friend-get-a friend promotions.