Client Case Study:

Health Nonprofit Organization

Link2Me Solution:

Right Name & Place


Eliminate waste and improve campaign ROI by ensuring the highest possible degree of deliverability and record accuracy.


Determine the most effective hygiene solution for ongoing campaigns. The organization tested three hygiene providers, including Link2Me. Each was provided a sizable sample of current donor records for address correction and identity resolution. The hygiened records were then mailed and results were tabulated.

Evaluation Criteria

Results of the process were compared among the three solution providers.

Key Performance Measures were:

  • Number of addresses identified as incorrect and changed
  • Number of names/identities corrected
  • Resulting elimination of duplicates
  • Response rate to names mailed


Link2Me Right Name & Place resulted in significant savings for this client. On an input file of 500,000 names, Link2Me corrected 25,000 records. Based on the client's mail costs of $250/M, Link2Me saved the client over $6,000.

In addition, Link2Me Right Name & Place significantly outperformed the other two service providers – generating a response rate that was 150% higher than the competition. Link2Me delivered substantially higher average gifts than the competition.


Link2Me Right Name & Place was the clear winner in this head-to-head test. This nonprofit mailer made Link2Me its primary hygiene solution for address and contact correction of both its active donor file and prospect files.

More mail delivered accurately equates to more orders generated, which drives increased donations and membership. ROI improves as the nonprofit organization can deliver more appeals for support to the right individuals at their correct addresses.