Client Case Study:

Health Nonprofit Organization

Link2Me Solution:

Primary Connections


Build a new, responsive prospect universe for a nonprofit health organization by providing individuals who are connected to current donors and are therefore in their sphere of influence.


Use Link2Me Primary Connections to match segments of the organization's donor file to family and non-family connections, to create a custom list of prospects who are likely to donate to the same cause.

The following donor segments were matched using Link2Me Primary Connections:

  • Major Donors - those who gave a single gift of $100 or more
  • Non-Major Donors - those who gave less than $100 in a single gift
  • Volunteer Donors - those who volunteered at an event sponsored by the nonprofit

Evaluation Criteria

  • Unique records identified
  • Average gift per segment tested (For this nonprofit, higher average gift typically results in higher lifetime value.)


The connections matched to the donor files through Link2Me Primary Connections resulted in 83% unique names out of the merge. These new prospects also indexed high in terms of average gift.


The nonprofit organization will be rolling out to the top 3 segments on a national basis. Link2Me Primary Connections proved to be an extremely viable resource for creating unique and high-value donor prospects.