Client Case Study:

Luxury Travel

Link2Me Solution:

Primary Connections


Capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising that occurs after customers have had a positive travel experience to develop new prospects and acquire new customers.


Use Link2Me Primary Connections to build a new, responsive prospect universe by linking existing customers to those individuals within their sphere of influence: family members, business associates and friends. These connections have likely heard positive reviews of the travel experience provided by the company. Connections were further refined based on specific wealth criteria, to ensure that the new prospects possessed the means to purchase (packages ranged between $10,000 and $70,000 per person).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Number of unique records identified
  • Response rate
  • Average cost of travel package purchased


Matching the marketer's current customers to Link2Me Primary Connections resulted in a significant number of new prospects, 87% of which did not duplicate prospects from other sources. These connections indexed above average in terms of response rate as well as average cost of travel package purchased.

The marketer's test of Link2Me Primary Connections resulted in revenue that was 200x that of the initial investment.


Word-of-mouth marketing can be uniquely harnessed using Link2Me! For this luxury travel company Link2Me Primary Connections has proven to be a great resource of unique prospects who are high-ticket purchasers. The client will continue to utilize Link2Me Primary Connections to identify new prospects for future mailings.