Client Case Study:

National Consumer Magazine

Link2Me Solution:

Right Name & Place


Improve campaign ROI by ensuring the highest possible degree of record accuracy and deliverability.


Perform concurrent hygiene test on marketer's expires using Link2Me Right Name & Place and the current solution provider. Mail segments of the corrected records from both sources and compare the performance of each.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Number of records corrected
  • Number of deceased records identified
  • Response rate
  • Savings realized
  • Order revenue


Link2Me Right Name & Place significantly out-performed the incumbent provider:

  • Corrected 65% more records
  • Identified 15% more records that were deceased
  • Response rate of Right Name & Place records was double that of the records hygiened using the current process
  • Dramatic savings on printing, processing and postage
  • Increased order revenue - revenue driven by Right Name & Place was twice that of the existing provider

Most importantly, the revenue from the incremental orders greatly exceeded the cost of the Right Name & Place processing. The client realized a 150% gain on their investment.


The test of expires proved so effective that this magazine is now utilizing Link2Me Right Name & Place for 100% of their house file and prospect direct mail campaigns.

Inaccurate consumer information and mailing to deceased individuals wastes promotional dollars and drives down campaign results. ROI improves when mail is delivered to the right individual at the right address.