Client Case Study:

Career Apparel Catalog

Link2Me Solution:

Right Name & Place


Improve campaign ROI by ensuring the highest possible degree of name and address accuracy and deliverability.


Measure the impact and benefits of Link2Me Right Name & Place vs. the marketer's current hygiene solution. Mail segments of the corrected records from both providers and assess the performance of each.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Number of records corrected
  • Campaign response rate
  • Order revenue
  • Return on investment


Link2Me Right Name & Place significantly out-performed the incumbent provider:

  • Corrected 3.5X more records.
  • Response rate to Right Name & Place records was double that of the data using the current process.
  • Drove in additional revenue - Revenue resulting from the Right Name & Place records totaled an additional $168,000.
  • Dramatically increased ROI - on an initial investment of $4,500, the client realized a return nearly 40X that.


The test was so effective that the marketer now exclusively utilizes Link2Me Right Name & Place for 100% of their house file and prospect direct mail. Results have continued to hold steady for more than 2 years.

Higher direct mail delivery rates leads to more orders which drives increased revenue.