Client Case Study:

Religious Nonprofit Organization

Link2Me Solution:

Primary Connections


With an active congregation of dedicated supporters, this organization sought to expand the target audience of viable prospects to friends, family and colleagues connected to its donors.


Current donors often serve as passionate evangelists of the causes they support. Therefore this organization sought to find more generous souls by appealing to those within the social circles of its best who had likely been exposed to the organization's mission via word of mouth. Link2Me Primary Connections linked friends, colleagues and neighbors to active donors and were included in a direct mail campaign.

Evaluation Criteria

Key Performance Measures were:

  • Universe size of new prospects
  • Response rate
  • Donation amount


The results answered the organization's prayers:

  • Link2Me Primary Connections greatly expanded the prospect universe. The appended connections yielded a universe 7 times the input file.
  • The response rate to Connections was 30% higher than that of the overall campaign.
  • Average donation of $94 was 88% higher than campaign average of $50.
  • Over 4 continuation mailings these results have been consistent.


Individuals affiliated with supporters of religious causes are predisposed to support the same charities. That is precisely why Link2Me has proven to be a valuable source of new donors for this nonprofit, which continues to appeal to those close to its faithful supporters.

Link2Me Primary Connections provides a unique opportunity to build viable new prospect universes from existing donors, supporters and members . Primary Connections can be used in addition to social media programs and as a perfect complement to traditional referral and peer-to-peer promotions.