Link2Me: Primary Connections

An innovative peer-to-peer marketing and audience extension service that builds new prospect universes from existing customers, members, supporters and donors by matching them to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues and provides those connections for marketing campaigns.

Link2Me: Right Name & Place

The most accurate data hygiene service available, it updates addresses, identifies deceased records and resolves multiple iterations of the same person to supply the most current contact information, ensure absolute elimination of duplicates and bad records and allow marketers to realize significant efficiency and savings.

Link2Me: Date of Birth

Offering the highest incidence of adult date of birth, marketers can append information to customers or prospects for customer intelligence and age-based campaigns.

Link2Me: People at Home & Work

Gain important insights about individuals at both their home and place of employment. Concurrent addresses along with demographic and firmographic data can be matched to either business or consumer records.

Link2Me: Homeowners Inside & Out

Get to know homeowners better based on dozens of household attributes not commonly available, such as building style and materials, swimming pool, waterfront property, basement, heating code, garage type and more.

Link2Me: Bankruptcy Status, Tax Liens & Judgments

The most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date information on bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments.

Powerful Suite of Services

ALC Link2Me gives marketers an effective toolkit that positively impacts customer retention, customer intelligence, reactivation, and prospect initiatives that's unique, proprietary, and superior to anything currently available.

Link2Me Lets You Fully Know Your Customer

The more intelligence you have about an individual, the better you can predict their behaviors, meet their needs, and target them with the right offer via the right channel at the right time. ALC puts the power of LexisNexis' vast consumer data and sophisticated linkage technology to work to help direct marketers achieve success in critical result areas.