Right Name & Place

Data Accuracy is a Fast Moving Target

People get married, change their names, move and become deceased. They use initials or nicknames when they respond to different offers. They may have more than one address. How can you keep up with these occurrences and make sure you have the most up-to-date information?

Link2Me Right Name & Place resolves all of these issues and provides accurate, actionable information on most recent addresses, deceased individuals and multiple names.

The Most Accurate Hygiene Service Available

Drawing on 40 years of archived history and proven linkage technology, Right Name & Place resolves multiple iterations of the same person such as maiden name, initials, aliases, nicknames, and former addresses. It supplies the most current verified address for each individual and facilitates the absolute elimination of duplicates. Right Name & Place converts 70-80% of incorrect addresses - up to 4X more than NCOA and 100-150% over other second-generation hygiene services.

Standard Output Includes:

  • Address Match Rate - Address, City, State, ZIP
  • Name - Middle Name, Initial and Suffix where present
  • Date First Seen - Address
  • Date Last Seen - Address
  • Deceased Flag

Using inaccurate consumer information wastes promotional dollars and drives down campaign results. Link2Me Right Name & Place helps maximize ROI by providing the right individual at the right address.