Primary Connections

Connect with Your Customers' Friends, Family, Neighbors and Business Associates

Happy customers, travelers and donors like to share their passions and positive experiences with others. And where you have one loyal customer, we can help you find more. Primary Connections identifies the important people in your audience's social circles. This allows you to contact the most influential connections in each of your customers' lives.

Primary Connections can make your campaign contagious through peer-to-peer marketing. These "connections" have likely already been exposed to your brand or cause via word of mouth and are primed to respond positively when contacted.

Reach the Right Connections

Primary Connections gives you the ability to target the right individuals for specific campaigns based on individual attributes. By providing only those connections that meet defined targeting criteria, we ensure that these new prospects possess the attributes that drive performance.

Primary Connections Data can be Refined by:

  • Name & Address
  • Household Income
  • Net Worth
  • Gender & Age
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Persons in Household
  • Number & Age of Children
  • Length of Residence Multiple Home Owner
  • Phone (where available)
  • Connection Relationship (Friend, Family Member, Neighbor or Business Associate)

Up to 15 connections are available for each individual. Link2Me Primary Connections offers a unique opportunity to build viable new prospect universes from existing customer data. Primary Connections can be used in addition to social media programs and is a perfect complement to traditional referral and friend-get-a friend promotions.