People at Home & Work

Understand Consumers at Home and Work

The blurred lines between personal and business lives have individuals making business decisions at home and vice versa. People at Home & Work is the only accurate resource that lets marketers conduct multi-touch campaigns targeting consumers by business data and executives by demographics. While other products rely on models and algorithms, Link2Me draws on actual validated documents that prove connectivity.

Consider this: A young manager with children may respond better at work than home, while a senior executive may prefer to review business information at home. Each more than likely accesses the web and their email wherever they happen to be - home, office, airport, or soccer game. So reaching them at either or both locations maximizes exposure.

Additional Demographic & Firmographic Elements Include:

  • Age, Gender, Marital Status
  • Number of Persons in Household
  • Number & Age of Children
  • Household Income
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Dwelling Type
  • Length of Residence
  • Executive Position/Function
  • Company Size/Sales Volume
  • SIC

People at Home and Work also builds audience by supplying additional co-workers to an individual, at both their home and business addresses.

Now with Link2Me People at Home & Work marketers can dimensionalize consumers by accessing data on both their home and business lives. And the more marketers know about all the facets of a consumer, the more effectively they can communicate.